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2015 Annual Report
2016 Science Report

Andreas Heidenreich

Andreas Heidenreich

Ikerbasque Research Professor

  • Doctor in Chemistry from the University of Marburg (Germany).
  • Researcher at Tel Aviv University (Israel) and at Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany).
  • Research line: Computer simulations of Coulomb explosions of clusters induced by ultraintense and ultrashort laser pulses.
  • Has joined the department of chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry at the UPV-EHU in San Sebastian.



A. Heidenreich, B. GrĂ¼ner, M. Rometsch, S. R. Krishnan, F. Stienkemeier, M. Mudrich (2016)
Efficiency of dopant-induced ignition of helium nanodroplets
New Journal of Physics


Andreas Heidenreich, Isidore Last, Shlomo Ron, Joshua Jortner (2013)
Conversion of laser energy to nuclear energy driven by Coulomb explosion of nanostructures
Molecular Physics

Isidore last, Shlomo Ron, Andreas Heidenreich, Joshua Jortner (2013)
Coulomb explosion of nanodroplets drives the conversion of laser energy
High Power Laser Science and Engineering

Andreas Heidenreich (2013)
Laser energy deposition in nanodroplets and nuclear fusion driven by Coulomb explosion
Advances in Chemical Physics: Proceedings of the 240 Conference: Science's Great Challenges


A. Heidenreich, I. Infante, J. M. Ugalde (2012)
Ion energetics in electron-rich nanoplasmas
New Journal of Physics


Andreas Heidenreich and Joshua Jortner (2011)
Kinetic energy distribution of multiply charged ions in Coulomb explosion of Xe clusters
J. Chem. Phys., also selected for the March 2011 issue of the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science


Andreas Heidenreich and Joshua Jortner (2010)
Effects of the nanoplasma electrons on Coulomb explosion of xenon clusters
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Other merits and matters

  • Poster presentation at the event "Vidas Cientificas", organized by the Eureka! science museum in Donostia on March 19, 2012. Vidas Cientificas is a program to interest pupils for science, i.e., with the same goal as the Ikerbasque Training Caravan program. http://www.eurekamuseoa.es/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=284 (2012)
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