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Basque Research Groups

The research groups listed below (information can be browse by selecting the Science Field and Area or by entering a keyword) are those that showed interest in attracting excellent researchers through Ikerbasque.

There are more groups that could potentially host a researcher.


Research Groups

Donostia Research Group on Education and Multilingualism (DREAM)

Science Field:
Legal and social sciences
Science Area:
Multilingualism and education
Main Researcher:
Durk Gorter [d.gorter@ikerbasque.org
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) 
Faculty of Philosophy and Education 
Theory and History of Education 
Avenida Tolosa 70 E-20018 Donostia - San Sebastian 
+34 943015462 

Main research lines

The study of multilingual competence in education 
Learning languages and school achievement with immigrant students 
The linguistic landscape and multilingualism in the school context 

Current and future Projects

Significant equipment or infrastructure of the Group:
not applicable 
Any other significant information about the Group:
The 'Donostia Research group on Education and Multilingualism' (DREAM) conducts research on various aspects of multilingualism in educational settings. It focuses on the analysis of linguistic and communicative competence in the languages used in the school curriculum and within the family, as well as linguistic landscapes in the school context.

The DREAM group is internationally renowned for its publications, presentations and papers at international conferences.
The group has a clear interdisciplinary character, with experts in minority languages and multilingual education (Durk Gorter, Jasone Cenoz), multilingualism and language of immigrant students (Felix Etxeberria), statistics and evaluation (Juan Etxeberria), family counseling and school (Juana Maria Maganto), teaching and school organization (Xabier Etxagüe) and linguistic analysis (Julian Maia).

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