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2015 Annual Report
2016 Science Report

Lianao Wu

Lianao Wu

Ikerbasque Professor

  • Doctor in Physics 1989 from the Jilin University.
  • Previous research experience in centres in Canada, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States. The Alexander von Humboldt fellow. COE (Center of Excellence) professorship, Japanese Ministry of education.
  • Research line: Quantum Control, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Quantum Devices
  • Department of Theoretical Physics at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the UPV-EHU in Leioa.
  • http://tp.lc.ehu.es/qist/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=35



Lian-Ao Wu, Matthew Murphy, and Mike Guidry (2017)
SO(8) fermion dynamical symmetry and strongly correlated quantum Hall states in monolayer graphene
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95, 115117 (2017)

Jun Jing, Chi-Hang Lam and Lian-Ao Wu* (2017)
Non-Abelian holonomic transformation in the presence of classical noise
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 95, 012334 (2017)

Jun Jing, Ravindra. W. Chhajlany and Lian-­Ao Wu* (2017)
Fundamental  Limitation  on  Cooling   under  Classical  Noise
Scientific reports 7, 41598 (2017)


D.-W. Luo P. V. Pyshkin, T. Yu H.-Q. Lin, J. Q. You, and Lian-Ao Wu* (2016)
Feshbach P - Q partitioning technique and the two-component Dirac equation
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94, 032111 (2016)

J. Jing, M. S. Sarandy, D. A. Lidar, D.-W. Luo, and L.-A. Wu* (2016)
Eigenstate tracking in open quantum systems
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94, 042131 (2016)

P. V. Pyshkin, D.-W. Luo,J. Q. You,1 and Lian-Ao Wu* (2016)
Ground-state cooling of quantum systems via a one-shot measurement
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93, 032120 (2016)

Z.-M. Wang, C. A. Bishop, J. Jing, Y.-J. Gu, C. Garcia, and L.-A. Wu* (2016)
Shortcut to nonadiabatic quantum state transmission
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93, 062338 (2016)

Z. Wang, X. Gu, L.-A. Wu, and Y.-x. Liu (2016)
Quantum simulation of pairing Hamiltonians with nearest-neighbor-interacting qubits
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 93, 062301 (2016)

H. Wang and L.-A. Wu* (2016)
Ultrafast adiabatic quantum algorithm for the NP-complete exact cover problem
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 22307 (2016)

L.-A. Wu* and M Guidry (2016)
The Ground State of Monolayer Graphene in a Strong Magnetic Field
Scientific Reports 6, 22423 (2016)

P. V. Pyshkin, D.-W. Luo,J. Q. You, and L.-A. Wu* (2016)
Expedited Holonomic Quantum Computation via Net Zero-Energy- Cost Control in Decoherence-Free Subspace
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 37781 (2016)

J. Jing, L.-A. Wu and A. Campo (2016)
Fundamental Speed Limits to the Generation of Quantumness
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 38149 (2016)

X.-P. Zhang, B. Shao. S. Hu, J. Zou, L.-A. Wu (2016)
Optimal control of fast and high-fidelity quantum state transfer in spin-1/2 chains
Annals of Physics 375, 435 (2016)

P. V. Pyshkin,E. Ya. Sherman, D.-W. Luo, J. Q. You, and L.-A. Wu* (2016)
Spatial compression of a particle state in a parabolic potential by spin measurements
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94, 134313 (2016)


J. Jing, L. -A. Wu*, M. Byrd, J. Q. You, T. Yu, & Z.-M. Wang. (2015)
Nonperturbative Leakage Elimination Operators and Control of a Three-Level System,
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114, 190502 (2015)

D.-W. Luo, P. V. Pyshkin, C.-H. Lam, T. Yu, H.-Q. Lin, J. Q. You, and L.-A. Wu* (2015)
Dynamical invariants in a non-Markovian quantum-state-diffusion equation
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 062127 (2015)

J. Jing, D. Segal, B. Li and L.-A. Wu* (2015)
Transient unidirectional energy flow and diode-like phenomenon induced by non-Markovian environments. Sci. Rep. 5, 15332 (2015)
Sci. Rep. 5, 15332 (2015)

D.-W. Luo, C.-H. Lam, L.-A. Wu, T. Yu, H.-Q. Lin and J. Q. You (2015)
Higher-order solutions to non-Markovian quantum dynamics via a hierarchical functional derivative PRA 92, 022119 (2015)
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 022119 (2015)

J. Jing and L. - A. Wu* (2015)
Overview of quantum memory protection and adiabaticity induction by fast signal control
Sci. Bull. 60(3):328–335 (2015), invited review


J. Jing, C. A. Bishop and L. -A. Wu* (2014)
Nonperturbative dynamical decoupling with random control
Scientific Reports

Z.-M. Wang, L. -A. Wu*, M. Modugno, Mark S. Byrd, T. Yu, and J. Q. You (2014)
Fault-tolerant breathing pattern in optical lattices as a dynamical quantum memory
Phys. Rev. A

J. Jing, L. -A. Wu*, T. Yu, J. Q. You, Z. -M. Wang, and L. Garcia (2014)
One-component dynamical equation and noise-induced adiabaticity
Phys. Rev. A

] M. Bartkowiak, L.-A. Wu and A. Miranowicz (2014)
Quantum circuits for amplification of Kerr nonlinearity via quadrature squeezing
J. Phys. B

G.-M. Zeng, L. -A. Wu* and H.-J. Xing (2014)
Symmetry restoration and quantumness reestablishment
Scientific Reports

J. Xu, X. Zhao, J. Jing, L.-A. Wu and T. Yu (2014)
Perturbation methods for the non-Markovian quantum state diffusion equation
J. Phys.


L.-A. Wu, P. Walther, D. A. Lidar (2013)
No-go theorem for passive single-rail linear optical quantum computing
Scientific Report. 3, 1394 (2013)

L. -A. Wu C. Yu, D. Segal (2013)
Exact dynamics of interacting qubits in a thermal environment: results beyond the weak coupling limit
New J. Phys. 15, 023044 (2013)

Z. M. Wang and L.-A. Wu (2013)
Central symmetry in two-dimensional lattices and quantum information transmission
Phys. Rev. A 87, 064301 (2013)

J. Jing, L. -A. Wu, J. Q. You, T. Yu (2013)
Non-perturbative Dynamical Decoupling Control and Threshold
Phys. Rev. A 88, 022333 (2013)

W. Shu, X. Zhao, J. Jing, L.-A. Wu, T. Yu (2013)
Uhrig dynamical control of a three-level system via non-Markovian quantum state diffusion
J. Phys. B 46, 175504 (2013)

Z. -M. Wang, L. -A. Wu, C. A. Bishop, Y. -J. Gu, M. S. Byrd (2013)
Identifying quantum states capable of high-fidelity transmission over a spin chain
Phys. Rev. A 88, 032303 (2013)

L.-A. Wu, D. Segal, P. Brumer (2013)
No-go theorem for ground state cooling given initial system-thermal bath factorization
Scientific Report. 3, 1824 (2013)

J. Jing and L. -A. Wu (2013)
Control of decoherence with no control
N. Scientific Report 3, 2746 (2013)

Z.-M. Wang, L.-A. Wu, M. Modugno, W. Yao, B. Shao (2013)
Fault-tolerant almost exact state transmission
Scientific Report 3, 3128 (2013)

Jun Jing, Lian-Ao Wu*, Marcelo S. Sarandy, and J. Gonzalo Muga (2013)
Inverse engineering control in open quantum systems
Phys. Rev. A 88, 053422 (2013)

Ll Garcia, R W Chhajlany, Y Li, L-A Wu (2013)
Driving a mechanical resonator into coherent states via random measurements
J. Phys. A 46 (2013) 485305


Jun Jing, Lian-Ao Wu, J. Q. You, Ting Yu (2012)
Feshbach projection-operator partitioning for quantum open systems: Stochastic approach
Phys. Rev. A85, 032123 (2012)

Ben-Qiong Liu, Lian-Ao Wu, Bin Shao, and Jian Zou (2012)
General quantum-state swap: An X Y -model analysis
Phys. Rev. A 85, 042328 (2012)

Lin Li, Jian Zou, Zhi He, Jun-Gang Li, Bin Shao and Lian-Ao Wu (2012)
New features of entanglement dynamics with initial system–bath correlations,
Phys. Letts. A

Xinyu Zhao, Wufu Shi, Lian-Ao Wu, and Ting Yu (2012)
Fermionic stochastic Schro ?dinger equation and master equation: An open-system model
Phys. Rev. A86, 032116 (2012)

Zhao-Ming Wang, Lian-Ao Wu, Jun Jing, Bin Shao and Ting Yu (2012)
Nonperturbative dynamical decoupling control: A spin-chain model
Phys. Rev. A86, 032303 (2012)

Hai Li, Jian Zou, Jun-Gang Li, Bin Shao, and Lian-Ao Wu (2012)
Revisiting the quantum Szilard engine with fully quantum considerations
Ann. Phys. 327, 2955-2971(2012)


C. X. Yu, L.-A. Wu and D. Segal (2011)
Theory of quantum energy transfer in spin chains: Superexchange and ballistic motion
J. CHEM. PHYS. 135, 234508 (2011)

C. A. Bishop, M. S. Byrd and L.-A. Wu (2011)
Casimir Invariants for Systems Undergoing Collective Motion
Phys. Rev. A 83, 062327 (2011).

L. -A. Wu (2011)
Repeated measurements and nuclear spin polarization
J. Phys. A 44, 325302 (2011)

Y. Li, L. -A. Wu and Z. D. Wang (2011)
Fast cooling of mechanical resonator with time-controllable optical cavities
Phys. Rev. A 83, 043804 (2011)

L. -A. Wu and D. Segal (2011)
Quantum heat transfer: A Born Oppenheimer method
Phys. Rev. E 83, 051114 (2011)

B .-Q. Liu, B. Shao, J. -G. Li, J. Zou, and L. -A. Wu (2011)
Quantum and classical correlations in the one-dimensional XY model with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
Phys. Rev. A 83, 052112 (2011).

L. -A. Wu and D. Segal (2011)
Quantum effects in thermal conduction: Nonequilibrium quantum discord and entanglement
Phys. Rev. A 84, 012319 (2011)

J. Zhang, B. Shao, B. -Q. Liu, J. Zou, Q.-S. Li, and L.-A. Wu (2011)
Quantum correlation transfer through two parallel XXZ spin chains with phase shift control
Phys. Rev. A 84, 012327 (2011)

S. Oh, L.-A. Wu, Y.-P. Shim, J. Fei, M. Friesen, and X. Hu (2011)
Heisenberg spin bus as a robust transmission line for quantum-state transfer
Phys. Rev. A 84, 022330 (2011)

L. -A. Wu, C. A. Bishop, and M. S. Byrd (2011)
Quantum gates and their coexisting geometric phases
Phys. Rev. A 84, 022341 (2011)

Y. Li , L. -A. Wu, Y. Wang and L. Yang (2011)
Nondeterministic ultrafast ground-state cooling of a mechanical resonator
Phys. Rev. B 84, 094502 (2011)

Jing Zhang, Yu-xi Liu, Wei-Min Zhang, Lian-Ao Wu, Re-Bing Wu, and Tzyh-Jong Tarn (2011)
Deterministic chaos can act as a decoherence suppressor
Phys. Rev. B 84, 214304 (2011)


Claire X. Yu, Lian-Ao Wu, Dvira Segal (2010)
Symmetry properties of the heat current in non-ballistic asymmetric junctions: A case
Phys Lett. A374, 756 (2010)

Lian-Ao Wu (2010)
Dressed Qubits in Nuclear Spin Baths
Phys. Rev. A 81, 044305 (2010)

Lian-Ao Wu, Dvira Segal, Íñigo L. Egusquiza, and Paul Brumer (2010)
Universality in exact quantum state population dynamics and control
Phys. Rev. A82, 032307 (2010)

Lian-Ao Wu, M. Byrd, Z. D. Wang and B. Shao (2010)
Perfect function tansfer in two and three dimensions without initialization
Phys. Rev. A 82, 052339 (2010)

Hefeng Wang, Lian-Ao Wu, Yu-xi Liu, and Franco Nori (2010)
Measurement-based quantum phase estimation algorithm for finding eigenvalues of non-unitary matrices
Phys. Rev. A82, 062303 (2010)


Lian-Ao Wu, Gershon Kurizki, Paul Brumer (2009)
Master Equation and Control of an Open Quantum System with Leakage
Physical Review Letters

Lian-Ao Wu, Dvira Segal (2009)
Sufficient conditions for thermal rectification in hybrid quantum structures
Physics Review Letters

Lian-Ao Wu, Stephen S. Wu, Dvira Segal (2009)
Looking into DNA breathing dynamics via quantum physics
Physics Review E

Lian-Ao Wu, Adam Miranowicz, XiangBin Wang, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori (2009)
Perfect Function Transfer and Interference Effects in Interacting Boson Lattices
Phys. Rev. A

Lian-Ao Wu, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori (2009)
Universal Existence of Exact Quantum State Transmissions in Interacting Media
Phys. Rev. A 80,

Lian-Ao Wu, Claire X. Yu, Dvira Segal (2009)
Nonlinear quantum heat transfer in hybrid structures: Sufficient conditions for thermal rectification
Phys Rev E

Lian-Ao Wu, Mark S. Byrd (2009)
Self-Protected Quantum Algorithms Based on Quantum State Tomography
Quantum Information Processing

Doctoral dissertations

  • 2011 - 2015

    LLuc Garcia

Courses given

  • 2013
    Quantum Information and Quantum Computation for the Masters in Quantum Science and Technology, UPV/EHU
  • 2012
    Quantum Information and Quantum Computation for the Masters in Quantum Science and Technology, UPV/EHU

Managerial activities

  • Two joint point postdoctoral fellows expected to come this year
  • - Co-Organizer of International workshop on Frontier in Quantum Information Science (2013)

    - Sole Organizer of The AMMCS-2013 Special Session Quantum Control: Theory and Application (2013)
  • - Co-Organizer of International workshop on Entanglement Decoherence and Quantum Control (2012);
    - Organizer of International workshop on
    Quantum control, quantum Information and quantum devices (2012).
  • - Referee for Science, Scientific Reports, Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Revs. A, B and E, J. Phys. , Quant. Info. Proc., etc. for many years

  • Sole Organizer of International Workshop on Quantum Control, Quantum Information and Quantum Devices (2010)

    - Supervising many visiting PhD students and young researchers since 2009.
  • - Organizing seminars at department of theoretical physics


  • Dressed qubits, US patent 7364923
  • Encoding and error suppression for superconducting quantum computers, US patent 7307275
  • Methods for single qubit gate teleportation, US patent 7018852

Congresses, Proceedings & Scientific meetings

  • Feshbach P-Q partitioning technique for quantum control. Lian-Ao Wu (Speaker)
    Mini-Workshop on Quantum Information (2014) Congress
    Beijing Computational Science Research Center (Invited talk)
  • Member of Organizing Committee. Lian-Ao Wu
    International workshop on Frontier in Quantum Information Science (2013) Congress
    Fudan University, Shanghai, China (Organization and management)
  • One Component Dynamical Equation and Noise Induced Adiabaticity. Lian-Ao Wu (Speaker)
    International workshop on Frontier in Quantum Information Science (2013) Congress
    Fudan University, Shanghai, China (Invited talk)
  • Sole Organizer of Special Session Quantum Control: Theory and Application. Lian-Ao Wu
    The AMMCS-2013 (2013) Congress
    Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada (Organization and management)
  • Organizer. Lian-Ao Wu
    International workshops on Quantum Control, Quantum Information and Devices (2012) Congress
    EHU/UPV, Bilbao, Spain (Organization and management)
  • Member of International Organizing Committee. Lian-Ao Wu
    International workshop on Entanglement Decoherence and Quantum Control (2012) Congress
    Shanghai University, Shanghai, China (Organization and management)
  • Quantum phase transitions, entanglement and Density Functional Theory. Lian-Ao Wu (Speaker)
    International workshop on Entanglement Decoherence and Quantum Control (2012) Congress
    Shanghai University, Shanghai, China (Invited talk)
  • Quantum State Tranfer and coexisting geometric phase. Lian-Ao Wu
    Atomic physics using superconducting quantum circuits (2011) Congress
    Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Bejing (Invited talk)
  • Nondeterministic fast ground state cooling of a mechanical resonator. Yong Li, Lian-Ao Wu, Ying-Dan Wang and Li-Ping Yang
    Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control IV (2011) Congress
    Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Computing (Talk)
  • Nondeterministic fast ground state cooling scheme for mechanical resonators and other systems. Yong Li, Lian-Ao Wu, Ying-Dan Wang and Li-Ping Yang
    Workshop on Quantum Computing (2011) Congress
    University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA (Invited talk)
  • Organizer. Lian-Ao Wu
    Workshop on Quantum Information, Quantum Control and Quantum Devices (2010) Congress
    UPV/EHU (Organization and management)
  • Quantum phase transition and entanglment via DFT. Lian-Ao Wu, Marcelo Sarandy, Daniel Lidar and Lu sham
    Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control III (2009) Congress
    Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Computing (Talk)

Other merits and matters

  • -2014 Invited Seminars at Institute of Theoretical Physics, China; University of Science and Technology of China; TsingHua University, China; University of Toronto, Canada. - Visit University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA - expecting two joint postdocs in this year (2014)
  • "Perturbation methods for non-Markovian quantum state diffusion equation" by Xu, Jie; Zhao, Xinyu; Jing, Jun; Wu, L-A; Yu, Ting accepted in J. Phys. for publication (2014)
  • - 2013 Invited Seminars at Tongji University, China; Xiamen University, China; National University of Singapore, Singapore. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. (2013)
  • - 2012 Invited seminars at Jilin University, China; Shanghai University, China; Fudan Univerisity, China; Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. (2012)
  • -2011 Invited seminars at Hong Kong university, HK; National Cheng Kung University Taiwan; University of Waterloo. (2011)
  • - Invited talks in Stevens Institute of Technology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Perimeter Institute. - Organizing a workshop. -Invited visit in CQIQC. Supervising a visiting PhD student (2010)
  • - Invited talks in Max Planck Institute, SUNY University at Buffalo, Tsing Hua University, Hong Kong University. - Invited visit in RIKEN - Supervising a visiting PhD student (2009)
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