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2015 Annual Report
2016 Science Report

Lucia Vitali

Lucia Vitali

Ikerbasque Research professor

  • Doctor (Dr.Rer.Nat) in Physics at the Karl-Franzens Univeristaet in Graz, Austria
  • Ph.D. the Karl-Franzens Univeristaet in Graz, Post docs at the Max-Planck Institute for Solid state Research in Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Max-Auwaerter (2002)
  • Research line: Surface Science, structural and spectroscopical investigations at local scale based on scanning tunneling techniques.
  • Comes from the Max-Planck Institute for Solid state Research in Stuttgart

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A.Basagni, G.Vasseur, C.A. Pignedoli, M.Vilas-Varela, D.Peña, L. Nicolas, L.Vitali, J.Lobo-Checa, D. G. de Oteyza, F. Sedona, M. Casarin, J. E.Ortega, M.Sambi (2016)
Tunable Band Alignment with Unperturbed Carrier Mobility of On-Surface Synthesized Organic Semiconducting Wires
ACS nano

M. Ormaza, L. Fernandez, M. Ilyn, A. Magaña, B. Xu, M. J. Verstraete, M. Gastaldo, M. A. Valbuena, P. Gargiani, A. Mugarza, A. Ayuela, L.Vitali, M. Blanco-Rey, F. Schiller, and J. E. Ortega (2016)
High temperature ferromagnetism in a monolayer-thick GdAg2 crystal
Nano letters

L. Fernandez, M. Ilyn, A. Magaña, L. Vitali, J. E. Ortega, F. Schiller (2016)
Growth of Co nanomagnet arrays with enhanced magnetic anisotropy
advance science

Alexander Correa, Bin Xu, Matthieu J. Verstraete, Lucia Vitali (2016)
Strain-induced effects in the electronic and spin properties of a monolayer of ferromagnetic GdAg2
Nanoscale (Royal Chemical Society)


A. Cavallin, L. Fernandez, M. Ilyn, A. Magaña, M. Ormaza, M. Matena, L. Vitali,J. E. Ortega, C. Grazioli, P. Ohresser, S. Rusponi, H. Brune, F. Schiller (2014)
Magnetism and Morphology of Co Nanocluster Superlattices on GdAu2/Au(111){(13 x 13)
Physical Review B

Laura Ferna?ndez, María Blanco-Rey, Maxim Ilyn, Lucia Vitali, Ana Magan?a, Alexander Correa, Philippe Ohresser, J. Enrique Ortega, Andre?s Ayuela, Frederik Schiller (2014)
Co Nanodot Arrays Grown on a GdAu2 Template: Substrate/Nanodot Antiferromagnetic Coupling
Nano Letters


L. Vitali, P. Wahl, R. Ohmann, J. Bork, Y. Zhang, L. Diekhöner, and K. Kern (2013)
Quantum transport through single atoms and molecules
Physica Status Solidi b


Robin Ohmann, Giacomo Levita, Lucia Vitali, Alessandro De Vita, and Klaus Kern (2011)
Influence of Subsurface Layers on the Adsorption of Large Organic Molecules
ACS nano


R. Ohmann, L.Vitali, K.Kern (2010)
Actuated Transitory metal-ligand bonds as tunable electromechanical switch
Nano Letters

Sebastian Stepanow, Jan Honolka, Pietro Gambardella, Lucia Vitali, Nasiba Abdurakhmanova, Tzu-Chun Tseng, Stephan Rauschenbach, Steven L. Tait, Violetta Sessi, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Susan Brink, Mario Ruben, and Klaus Kern (2010)
Spin and Orbital Magnetic Moment Anisotropies of Monodispersed Bis(Phthalocyaninato)Terbium on a Copper Surface

Books and book chapters


  • R.Ohmann, L.Vitali, K.Kern (2013)
    Type: chapters
    Book: Imaging and manipulating Molecular orbitals
    Chapter: Imaging and manipulation of molecular electronic states on metal surfaces with scanning tunneling microscopy
    Page numbers: 168-172
    ISBN: 978-3-642-38808-8 | Berlin | Editors: L.Grill, Ch.Joachim

Master degree

  • STM study of Bi2Se3 topological insulator film growth by van der Waals epitaxy on Au(111) and Ag(111) (2014)
    Ignacio Piquero Zulaica
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