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Science in Basque Country

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2015 Annual Report
2016 Science Report

Researching in the Basque Country

During the last two decades, the Basque Government has developed a policy on science and technology aimed at supporting the Basque Country’s existing industrial fabric and preparing it to face the challenges of the future.

A strategy has been designed that seeks to position the capabilities of all the players involved in its innovations system in an international context, supporting economic growth and diversification into future science and technology based sectors, and responding to the new needs of a dynamic, complex and global society.

  • The scientific and technological community
    Apart from the twenty-odd departments of the University of the Basque Country active in some scientific or technological field, six technological centers avail of specialized departments or units.
  • Know-how and convergent technologies
    Know-how and applied tradition exist in fields related to biology, robots, engineering, electronics, optics and micro-technology.
  • Drawing capabilities
    Apart from the health system itself, companies or industrial groups attract and foster new development.
  • Entrepreneurial interest
    The Basque Country boasts an entrepreneurial tradition. Precisely in the field of bio-sciences, there are concrete signs of latent interest.
  • Innovation system
    A complete network of organizations and tools in support of innovative processes has been set up during the last twenty years. Particularly outstanding are the Science, Technology and Innovation network, the Technological Parks network (an international reference) and the Business and Innovation Centers (incubators for technology based businesses).
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