Ivan Coluzza

Ikerbasque Research Professor, BCMaterials

Head of the Computational Biophysics group at BCMaterials.
Research line: 
Computational Biophysics.
“Borsa per giovani ricercatori RitaLevi Montalcini” from the Italian Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR), Career Development Fellowship from National Institute for Medical Research, London (UK), Raymond and Beverly Sackler Research Fellowship from Churchill College, Cambridge (UK), “Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship” from European Community.
Previous research experience at CIC biomaGUNE, University of Vienna (Austria), National Institute of Medical Research (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), AMOLF-FOM (The Netherlands).
Ph. D. in Physics (2005) from the 
FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.