Science in the Basque Country - 2017 Report


Ikerbasque has recently published "Science in the Basque Country - 2017 Report" that collects the main results of the Basque Country with regard to research population, financing of science, scientific results and technology transfer.


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Phys. Rev. Lett. publication of Dario Bercioux on transport properties on a junction


An article by Dario Bercioux, Ikerbasque Research Fellow at DIPC (Donostia International Physics Center) has recently been published by the prestigious Physical Review Letters. The article "Transport Properties of an Electron-Hole Bilayer in Contact with a Superconductor Hybrid Junction" ...

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Maria Jose Sanz, Ikerbasque Research Professor and director of BC3 - Basque Center on Climate Change

Maria José Sanz, Review Editor of the special report of IPCC on Climate Change and Land


Maria José Sanz, Ikerbasque Research Professor  and director of BC3 - Basque Center for Climate Change, has been selected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as an author (Review Editor) for the team that will prepare its special report on Climate Change and...

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Unai Pascual has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research


A project lead by Unai Pascual at BC3 has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research. “Nurturing a Shift towards Equitable Valuation of Nature in the Anthropocene (EQUIVAL),” will be one of the five research projects supported by this programme focused on critical...

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Inma Estévez published a new article in Scientific Reports


Inma Estevez, Ikerbasque Research Professor at Neiker-Tecnalia, has recently published a new article in Scientific Reports about the effects of stress in poultry, specifically Stress Induced Polarization of Immune-Neuroendocrine Phenotypes. Inma Estévez is a doctor in Zoology and...

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