Gabriel Molina-Terriza

Ikerbasque Research Professor, Materials Physics Center

Ikerbasque research professor at CFM-MPC.
Research line: 
Quantum Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics and Plasmonics. Use of the Angular Momentum of Light and the Helicity of electromagnetic fields in the interactions with nanoparticles.
Lise Meitner Fellowship (2002), Marie Curie Fellowship (2003), Ramon y Cajal Fellow (2006), ICREA Jr (2007), Future Fellowship (2012).
Previous research experience at the University of Vienna (Austria), ICFO (Spain), National University of Singapore, the Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems and Macquarie University (Australia), where he worked as leader of an experimental team in Quantum Nanophotonics and as Director of the Macquarie Research Centre for Quantum Science and Technology.
PhD in Science 2002 from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain).