Igor Calzada

Ikerbasque Research Fellow, UPV/EHU

Ikerbasque Research Fellow at the UPV/EHU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, Biography & Parliament research group.
Research line: 
Emerging Digital Citizenship Regimes (Datafied States & Data Co-operatives).
(i) Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence, US-UK Fulbright Commission (2022-2023) (USA); (ii) The Learned Society of Wales Award, Welsh & Basque Cooperation (2023); (iii) Digital Rights Governance Advisory Expert Group, United Nations (2021); (iv) 100 Most Influential Academics in Government by Apolitical (2021); (v) Brussels Centre for Urban Studies (BCUS) - Vrije Universiteit Fellowship (2016-2018) (Belgium); (vi) Co-Fund Regional Programmes, Marie Curie – European Commission (2015) (Spain); (vii) Regional Studies Association (RSA) Fellowship (2017); (viii) RSA Early Career Grant (2014-2016) (UK); (ix) Ikerbasque Postdoctoral Fellowship/Basque Government Programme (2012-2014) (Spain); and (x) Predoctoral Fellowship/Spanish Government and Caja Madrid Foundation (2008-2010) (Spain).
Previous research experience at: (i) Principal Research Fellow / Reader (PI), Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences, WISERD ESRC Civil Society Centre (2021-2023) (UK); (ii) California State University (2022-2023) (USA); (iii) United Nations – Habitat Programme (2020) (USA); (iv) European Commission – DG Joint Research Centre JRC (2019-2020) (Italy); (v) University of Oxford – Future of Cities, Urban Transformations ESRC and EC-H2020 Programmes (2012-2021) (UK); (vi) University of Strathclyde (2015-2019) (UK); (vii) Aston University (2014-2015) (UK); (viii) University of Nevada, Reno (2008-2009) (USA); and (ix) University of Mondragon (2002-2012) (Spain).
PhD ‘Cum Laude’ in Business Administration/Social Innovation (2011) from the University of Mondragon. Dissertation at the University of Nevada, Reno – Centre for Basque Studies (UNR-CBS) (2008-2009).