Iñigo Olalde

Ikerbasque Research Fellow, UPV/EHU

Ikerbasque Research Fellow at the BIOMICS research group, University of Basque Country.
Research line: 
The study of human population history with ancient DNA.
Ramon y Cajal Fellowship 2019 (Ranked in first position), “La Caixa” Foundation Incoming Junior Leader Fellowship, Current Archaeology Research Project of the Year award 2018, Extraordinary PhD award 2016 Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Basque Government Predoctoral fellowship, Premio Nacional Fin de Carrera de Educación Universitaria (Accésit Biología 2011).
Previous research experience at the Harvard Medical School (USA) and the Institute of Evolutionary Biology CSIC-UPF (Spain).
PhD in Biomedicine (2016) from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology CSIC-UPF (Spain).