Juan José Gómez Cadenas

Ikerbasque Research Professor, DIPC

Director of the NEXT experiment at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory (LSC).
Research line: 
Particle and astroparticle physics. Neutrino physics. Nuclear instrumentation.
Co-recipient of the Break-Through physics award in 2016 (K2K and T2K collaborations). Seleccion Española de Ciencia 2016. Distinguished CSIC scientist 2016. Member of honor of the University association UNIVERSITAS.
Fulbright fellow at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, post-doctoral researcher at SCIPP (Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics), CERN fellow, CERN staff member, assistant professor at the University of Massachussets at Amherst, visiting professor at Harvard University, University of Geneva and KEK (Japan Center for Particle Physics), associate professor at the University of Valencia, full professor at the U. of Valencia, full professor at CSIC.
Ph.D. in Physics.