Shripad P. Mahulikar

Ikerbasque Research Professor, UPV/EHU

Currently Works at Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao (Ingeniería Energética), Univ. of the Basque Country UPV/EHU as Ikerbasque Professor
Research line: 
Aerospace Engineering, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics/aerothermal studies of hypersonic aircraft, infrared radiance from aircraft & helicopter, entropy production in micro-convective flow, micro-heat exchanger, dissipative structures & self-organization
A. von Humboldt Fellow, DFG-Mercator Chair Professor, Outstanding Reviewer Award – ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Excellence in Aerospace Award, Beacon of Light (code of honour) in Aerospace Eng., IEI - FCRIT Award for Academic Excellence (Faculty - National level), New Code of Education Award (for impactful studies in Aerospace Eng.), In: World´s Top 2% Scientists - 2019 onward (List of Stanford Univ. - Elsevier)
Previous research experience: Dept. of Aerospace Eng. - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, T.U. Hamburg (Germany), Aalto University (Finland), Gyeongsang National Univ. (S. Korea)
PhD in – Micro-Convective Flow (1999) from Nanyang Technological Univ. Singapore