Denis Vyalikh

Ikerbasque Research Professor, DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center

Meet Denis

Research line: 
Functionalization of graphene and carbon based systems; Electronic properties and magnetism at the surface and in the bulk in strongly correlated electron systems.
Previous research experience in Functionalized graphene and carbon based materials; Exotic electronic and magnetic properties at the surface and in the bulk in strongly correlated 4f- electron systems; Electronic properties of self-assembled macromolecules and biological materials (DNA and S-layer proteins). In Free University of Berlin and University of Technology Dresden as well as at BESSY-II (Berlin).
Research Fellowship of Deutsche ForschungsGemeinschaft (DFG);Honorary Senior Scientist of the Russian-German Lab at BESSY-II (Berlin). Medal issued by Russian Embassy in Berlin for the development of scientific and economic ties between Russia and Germany.
Ikerbasque Reseach Fellow at DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center.
Doctor in Physics (2001) and Habilitation in Physics (2012) from Saint-Petersburg State University