Carmen Vidaurre

Ikerbasque Research Associate, BCBL

Ikerbasque Research Associate at BCBL
Research line: 
Multimodal computational methods for neurotechnology.
Academic achievement award for MSc. Project, 2000. FPU fellowship of the Science and Education Ministry of Spain (2001-2005), Intraeuropean Postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowship (2006-2008), Ramón y Cajal Fellowship (2016-2021) with I3 certificate.
Previous research experience: Dp. of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Public University of Navarra, Navarra, Spain (2001-2005). Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria (2002-2005). Dp. of Neuroscience, Centre for Applied Medical Research, Navarra, Spain (2005-2006). Intelligent Data Analysis Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Software Technik, Berlin, Germany (2006-2008). Machine Learning Group, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany (2008-2016). Dp. of Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics, Public University of Navarra, Navarra, Spain (2016-2021). Neurotechnology Group, Tecnalia-Health.
Dr. in Telecommunication Engineering with international quality mention (2006) from Public University of Navarra, Navarra, Spain