Daniel Innerarity

Ikerbasque Research Professor, UPV/EHU & Head of Globernance, Institute for Democratic Governance

Constitutional Law Department of the Law Faculty, UPV/EHU. Head of the Institute for Democratic Governance. He is also visiting professor in the European University Institute of Florence.
Research line: 
Political Philosophy (governance in the global knowledge society and in the European Union).
Essay Prize Miguel de Unamuno (2002); National Prize of Literature-Essay (2003); Essay Prize Espasa (2004); Eusko Ikaskuntza-Caja Laboral Prize for Humanities and Social Sciences (2008); Euskadi Essay Prize (2012 and 2019); Príncipe de Viana Culture Prize (2013), Eulalio Ferrer Prize for Humanities (2018).
39 years of research experience in centres of Germany (as Alexander von Humboldt-Fellow), United Kingdom, Schwitzerland, Italy and United States and France.
Doctor in Philosophy.