Gonzalo Jiménez-Osés

Ikerbasque Research Professor, CIC bioGUNE

Group Leader of the Computational Chemistry Lab at CIC bioGUNE.
Research line: 
Full-atom time-resolved computer modeling of biological phenomena.
Amgen Award for Postdoctoral Research (UCLA), MBI Research Excellence Award (UCLA), Suschem Postdoc Award, UR Young Investigator Award, Ramon y Cajal Research Fellow, Ikerbasque Research Fellow, Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, CAR Postdoctoral Fellow, UR Excellence Award in Ph.D. Research.
Previous research experience at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, United States), University of La Rioja (UR, Spain) and University of Zaragoza (UZ, Spain).
PhD in Chemistry (2007) from University of La Rioja (Spain).