Paolo Bonifazi

Ikerbasque Research Associate, Biobizkaia Health Research Institute

Computational Neuroimaging Lab at Biobizkaia Health Research Institute.
Research line: 
Structure-function of brain circuitries: from micro-circuits to brain networks; multi-scale neuronal networks’ structure/dynamics; Optical/electrical multi-unit measurements of neuronal networks; Complex networks .
Marie Curie Actions: Intra-European Fellowship (FP7, 2008-2010); Italian National Scientific Qualification for Associate Professor of Physiology and Applied Physics.
Previous research experience at: Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry (Martinsried, Germany, 2000), SISSA/ISAS (Trieste, Italy, 2001-2005), University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK, 2006), INMED-INSERM U901 (Marseille, France, 2007-2010), Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011-2015).
Doctor in Neuroscience (2005) from International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS), Trieste, Italy.