One of the most important processes for achieving our Mission consists in ensuring a truly independent, excellent and professional evaluation for the applications. Ikerbasque carries out an intensive search for the best researchers and scientific professional around the world to be part of the evaluation panels. The evaluators can not be members of the local scientific community, since our aim is to ensure the independence of the evaluations.

170 independent external evaluators from 25 countries participate in the evaluation process of Ikerbasque calls, under the coordination of the following members of Ikerbasque Scientific Advisory Committee:

  • Domingo Docampo, Professor of Telecommunications and ex-Chancellor of the University of Vigo.
  • Francisco José García Vidal, Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Spanish National Reseach Award in Physics (2021) and Jaime I Research Award (2020).
  • Ginés Morata, Research Professor at the Spanish Council for Research CSIC; Principe de Asturias Award in Scientific Research 2007; Rey Jaime I Research Award 1996.
  • Luis Oro, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Zaragoza; Spanish National Reseach Award in Chemistry 2007, Rey Jaime I Research Award 1999.
  • María Berdasco, Group Leader at the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute (IJC). Member of the Guarantees Commission of the General Subdirectorate for Research in Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine of the Carlos III Health Institute.
  • Violeta Demonte, Research Professor of Spanish Language at the Autonomous University of Madrid, National Prize for Research in Humanities 2014.

Note to applicants: This information is given for reasons of transparency. Under no circumstances should peer reviewers or members of ISAC be contacted by applicants, potential applicants, potential host institutions or researchers being evaluated.

Visit the Ikerbasque Ethics and Code of Conduct section for more information on general strategy and guidelines on the recruitment of researchers.