New methodology to produce double‐walled carbon nanotubes


The group at POLYMAT lead by the Ikerbasque researcher Koke Mateo in an international collaboration has reported a wall-selective synthetic methodology to produce double-walled carbon nanotubes. Such coaxial carbon nanotubes have been prepared in two steps by subliming a nitrogen-rich polycyclic...

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Advances in understanding congenital heart defects


A new study published in the scientific journal Nature reveals molecular factors that determine the fate of specific cardiac stem cells and exposes mechanisms of disrupted cardiac development. This study provides a new framework for investigating congenital heart defects. These results stem from...

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Astrocytes control mapping of synaptic connections and memories


Human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons and about the same number of glia cells, which have been traditionally considered to be playing a support role for neurons. Neurons are connected through synaptic connections which involve the participation of presynaptic and...

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Celebration of the Ikerbasque 2019 Workshop


On July 2, the XVIII Ikerbasque Workshop was held, an annual meeting attended by more than 100 researchers in which they could share their work and exchange experiences. During the event, the Scientific Director of Ikerbasque Fernando Cossío...

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Great project to open the way to future computers


A CIC nanoGUNE research team, led by the Ikerbasque researcher Félix Casanova, and the multinational Intel, the world's largest integrated circuits manufacturer, are working together on a leading project that aims to develop what Intel has called the "MESO" device, a new...

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