Ikerbasque dialogues: Is artificial intelligence so smart?


Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, organized a webinar in which a reflection on the threats and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence was carried out.

The event was moderated by the Scientific Director of Ikerbasque Fernando Cossío, and had the participation of:

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Renewal of the Ikerbasque governing board


The Ikerbasque governing board met on November 23, 2021 with the presence of its President and Minister of Education of the Basque Government, Mr. Jokin Bildarratz. At this meeting, the Board of the Foundation approved the appointment of the new patrons who will replace Juan José Álvarez Rubio,...

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Science in the Basque Country 2021 report


The Minister of Education Jokin Bildarratz, presented this morning together with the Director of Research, Amaia Esquisabel and the Scientific Director of Ikerbasque, Fernando Cossío, the...

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Exotic magnetic states at the nanoscale


An international research team, which includes David Jacob, an Ikerbasque researcher at the UPV/EHU, is collaborating on a research published in Nature that may lead to the construction of quantum computers.

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Dismantling of organs in metamorphosis is a precise and hormone-driven process


An important part of the formation of the development and growth of the different parts of the adult body, is the dismantling of organs and structures of previous stages. The most obvious example is metamorphosis in insects, but in people this process also occurs during the development of the...

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