Advances in the understanding of the RNA of immunological genes


Ainara Castellanos, Ikerbasque researcher at the UPV/EHU, has led a study that has been published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports in which a new RT-QPCR approach for the relative quantification of the specific residue of m6A methylation of the RNA of...

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Infoday H2020: FET 2019


On March 13th, an infoday was held about the "Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)” programme organized by the Basque Government, UPV / EHU and Ikerbasque, which included a workshop to prepare proposals with the National Contact Point (NCP...

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Ikerbasque results in 2018 have been published


The 239 IKERBASQUE researchers managed to attract to euskadi funds worth more than 28 million euros in 2018.

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The Ikerbasque researcher Jose Vilar has won The Big Data Horizon Award


The Ikerbasque researcher at the Biofisika Institute José Vilar has obtained the Horizon Big Data Award from the European Commission, which is endowed with 1.2 million euros, this being the first time it has been granted to a researcher in Spain.

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Structures that determine the aggressiveness of a breast cancer type have been identified


María Muñoz Cafarell, Ikerbasque researcher in Biodonostia, has participated in a multidisciplinary research in which they have identified new protein structures that will help determine the aggressiveness of a type of breast cancer and thus decide the most effective treatment...

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