Star cluster destruction over time simulation

New insight about star clusters


Tom Broadhurst, Ikerbasque researcher at UPV/EHU has just published an article in the prestigious magazine Physical Review Letters in which a simulation of star clusters is made.

In this work it is showed that with new simulations of dark...

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Treating Parkinson’s disease by genetic therapy


Ikerbasque Professor Dr. Mazahir T. Hasan at the Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (Bizkaia, Spain) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wichmann of Emory University, (Georgia, USA) have been awarded a prestigious exploratory grant by the National Institute of Health (USA), entitled, “...

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Ikerbasque researchers attract funds worth more than 32 million euros to the Basque Country in 2019


The results of IKERBASQUE in 2019 have been presented, highlighting the more than 32 million euros obtained by IKERBASQUE researchers and which amount to 205 million euros attracted by the foundation's researchers throughout its history.

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New drugs for the treatment of polycystic hepatorenal diseases


Polycystic hepatorenal diseases are hereditary genetic disorders characterized by the progressive development of multiple symptomatic cysts in the kidneys and/or the liver, which can produce alterations in the function of these organs and/or complications related to their...

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Infoday H2020: MSCA-IF 2020


On May 8th, an infoday organized via webinar by the Basque Government, UPV / EHU and Ikerbasque was held about the "MSCA - Individual Fellowship” programme.

This program aims to support the professional development...

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