Infoday H2020: MSCA-IF 2019


On May 13th, an infoday organized by the Basque Government, UPV / EHU and Ikerbasque was held about the "MSCA - Individual Fellowship” programme, which included a workshop to prepare proposals with the National Contact Point (NCP).


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Ikerbasque recognizes and makes visible the work of women researchers


Maribel Arriortua, Aitziber López Cortajarena and Maia García Vergniory received a recognition for their research careers, with the aim of making women researchers in the Basque Country visible so they can serve as examples and inspiration for new generations.

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New study of the uses of Latin and Old English in the charters of Worcester cathedral


Francesca Tinti, Ikerbasque researcher in UPV/EHU, has published an article which analyses the uses of Latin and Old English in the charters of Worcester cathedral, which represents one of the largest and most linguistically interesting of the surviving Anglo-Saxon archives....

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New review about the application of high pressure gaseous xenon TPCs


Juan José Gómez Cadenas, Ikerbasque researcher in DIPC, has published a article that reviews the application of high pressure gaseous xenon time projection chambers to neutrinoless double beta decay experiments. First, the fundamentals of the technology and the historical...

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Infoday H2020: MSCA-IF 2019


The Basque Government, the University of the Basque Country and Ikerbasque organize next 13th of May an InfoDay about the H2020 "Marie Sklodowska Curie-Individual Fellowships" programme.

This program aims to support the professional...

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