Koen Vandenbroeck

Ikerbasque Research Professor, UPV/EHU and Biobizkaia

Head of the Inflammation & Biomarkers laboratory in Biobizkaia Health Research Institute, and associated professor at UPV/EHU.
Research line: 
Omics approaches to identify mechanisms and biomarkers of autoimmune disease and stroke.
1999 Teva and Marion Hoechst Roussel Young Investigator Award for Multiple Sclerosis Research; 2002 ISICR Milstein Young Investigator Award.
10 years of research experience in centres in Belgium (Rega Institute for Medical Research), Italy (San Raffaele Scientific Institute - DIBIT) and UK (Queen's University of Belfast).
Doctor in Molecular Biology 1993 from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.