Ikerbasque results in 2018 have been published

On February 25th, the results of IKERBASQUE have been presented in 2018, highlighting the more than 28.3 million euros obtained by the IKERBASQUE researchers (2 million more than the previous year) and raises up to 175 million euros attracted by the researchers of the foundation throughout its history.

Out of a total of 589 projects (160 projects more than the previous year) that had external funding, twelve had funding from the ERC (European Research Council, the European Research Council), the most prestigious institution in the old continent in terms of promotion of ambitious research projects at the frontiers of knowledge.

At the end of 2018, IKERBASQUE had a total of 153 researchers with extensive research and leadership capacity, 68 young researchers with which it is intended to promote a pool of young high-level researchers and 18 Research Associate, a category that complements the previous two and that seeks to cover the different stages of the research career. His research work had a remarkable reflection in scientific publications; Throughout the year, they added a total of 1,160 articles in indexed publications, that is, in highly qualified publishing media on an international scale.

Of all of them, 106 IKERBASQUE researchers have been assigned to the UPV / EHU. The remaining 133 have joined the other Universities (Deusto and Mondragon Unibertsitatea) and research centers, including the nine BERC (Basque Excellence Research Center), dependent on the Department of Education.
The full list of existing BERCs is as follows:
•    Achucarro – Basque Center for Neuroscience
•    Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures
•    Polymat – Basque Center for Macromolecular Design & Engineering (Donostia)
•    DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center (Donostia)
•    Materials Physics Center (Donostia)
•    Fundación Biofísica de Bizkaia (Leioa)
•    BC3 - Basque Centre for Climate Change
•    BCAM - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (Bilbao)
•    BCBL - Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (Donostia)

In addition to these nine centers of excellence and the three universities mentioned (UPV / EHU, Deusto and Mondragon), among the host institutions of the researchers hired by IKERBASQUE are also the Cooperative Research Centers (CIC) biomaGUNE (biomaterials), bioGUNE (biosciences) ), energiGUNE (energy) and nanoGUNE (nanosciences), as well as the health research institutes BioDonostia and BioCruces, the CEIT-IK4 technical research center, research centers belonging to Tecnalia, and Globernance (a center for research and dissemination of political thought). In total, 23 Basque universities and research centers benefit from attracting international researchers.

2018 Report

Recognition to women researchers

In 2018 IKERBASQUE developed its equality plan for men and women, following the methodology proposed by Emakunde, as a result of this process and with the aim of advancing on the road towards equality, 7 actions have been proposed to be developed in the short term by Ikerbasque among which is the recognition of women researchers. Therefore, in 2019 we propose to recognize three women who are currently developing their research career in the Basque Country. The objective of this action is to highlight the careers of brilliant women researchers, who can serve as a model for future generations. Three recognitions will be carried out: the entire research career, a leading researcher in her field of research and an outstanding contribution from a young researcher. The final selection will be carried out by a Delegate Commission of the IKERBASQUE Board of Trustees, composed of the researchers of the Ikerbasque Board of Trustees and the Scientific Director, and will be validated by the Scientific Committee of Ikerbasque. The award ceremony will take place at a public ceremony.