Join the 2019 summer course: The origins of almost everything

The inquiry about the origins of humanity and the environment in which it has developed to this day is due to a human drive that has manifested itself since we have written proof of the evolution of our species. In the investigation of origins, the Universe and its manifestations are included, as well as life in its various forms, the human being with its most genuine attributes, and the bases of our civilization. These are the questions that have intrigued thinkers of all times, that are part of the nucleus of religious creeds, that support philosophical systems and that, in ways that are perhaps not very conscious, make us reflect about our own existence and its circumstances.

In this course we will begin the journey of origins from the most obvious, the Universe. We will continue with chemistry, the way in which the essential constituents of matter react to give rise to diverse molecular forms. Next, we will deal with the Solar System and our planet, to go on to inquire about the origin of life and its various modalities. Then it will be the turn of human beings, their evolutionary origins, and the most genuine traits of our species: language, symbolic thought, art and ethics. We will finish by treating the origin of cities, units of coexistence on which the foundations of human civilization are based.

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