Unai Pascual has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research

A project lead by Unai Pascual at BC3 has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research. “Nurturing a Shift towards Equitable Valuation of Nature in the Anthropocene (EQUIVAL),” will be one of the five research projects supported by this programme focused on critical questions around the relationships between humans and the environment.

"The state of biodiversity largely depends on people’s behaviour, which in turn is mostly determined by how nature’s contributions to their well-being are perceived and valued" explained Dr. Pascual. "Often, due to social power imbalances, some types of values are prioritised over others in decision-making about biodiversity. In EQUIVAL we will explore to what extent equity is taken into account by social actors in valuation processes, with a special focus on the Global South."