Nuevo modelo para predecir combinaciones de compuestos anticancerígenos


The determination of the target proteins of the new anticancer compounds is a very important task in Medical Chemistry. In this sense, chemists perform preclinical tests with a high number of combinations of experimental conditions. For this, the information contained in Databases such as ChEMBL...

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Fotografía de un molde del esqueleto neandertal de Kebara 2 tal y como fue encontrado

New virtual reconstruction of a Neanderthal thorax suggests a different breathing mechanism in this species


Neanderthals were hunter-gatherers who inhabited western Eurasia for more than 200 thousand years during glacial as well as interglacial periods until they became extinct around 40 thousand years ago. While some of the anatomical regions of these extinct humans are well known, others, such as...

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Science Report 2018


The Minister of Education Cristina Uriarte, has presented The Report on Science in Euskadi 2018.

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Infoday H2020: ITN 2019


On November 17th, an infoday was held on the Marie Sklodowska Curie - Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN) actions organized by the Basque Government, UPV / EHU and Ikerbasque, which included a workshop to prepare proposals with the National Contact Point.

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New discovery about the electronic composition of Bismuth (Bi)


Topological insulators are materials that insulate on the inside but conduct electrical current on their surface. The current flow without resistance and respond in unconventional ways to electric and magnetic fields. These unique properties are studied with real interest towards future...

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