Permanent Positions 2021 call webinar

On june 24th, 2021, Ikerbasque held a webinar about our Permanent Positions 2021 call. This call is open until the 10th of september and offers 10 permanent positions for researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country.

These positions are financed by the Basque Government and the host institution where the researcher will develop his/her research: therefore, the acceptance letter of the host institution is mandatory.

This call is open both to:

  • Established researchers as Research Associates, with 8 to 12 years of postdoctoral experience
  • Senior leading researchers as Research Professors, with longer research experience

The evaluation committee will only consider the strongest candidates with excellent leadership capabilities and an outstanding research record. Researchers are expected to perform independent research. They should be capable of attracting competitive funding and establishing their own research groups.

If you want to view the webinar:

View the recorded webinar

For further information about the Ikerbasque Permanent Positions 2021 call:

View the details of the call