Selected Research Fellows 2021

Ikerbasque - the Basque Foundation for Science, launched in 2021 a call offering 20 Research Fellow positions for postdoctoral researchers. These five year Fellowships are directed to promising young researchers; they are intended to offer a track towards a PI role and independent research. The selected Fellows should be able to acquire the necessary skills for a research leader role in the future.

In this occasion, more than 40 independent external evaluators from 14 different countries participated in the evaluation process, under the coordination of the Ikerbasque Scientific Advisory Committee.

114 full eligible applications were screened by our external evaluators, coordinated by the Ikerbasque Scientific Advisory Committee. The evaluation committee has short-listed 20 applications (18%) with over 85 points out of the possible 100 points, based on:

  • Scientific merit and research track
  • Interest of the Research Statement provided in the application
  • Relevance of research topic and latest publications
  • Concordance with Basque research capabilities

Check the list of the selected Research Fellows