Recognition of the work of women researchers

The Minister of Education and president of Ikerbasque, Jokin Bildarratz, presided over the presentation of the awards to three women who carry out their research work in the Basque Country: Alicia Alonso, Ainhoa ​​Magrach and Sara Barja. The event also included the participation of officials from the Basque Government and the Basque Science and Innovation System as part of the Passion for Knowledge (P4K) initiative.

This is the fifth edition of the recognitions granted annually by the Department of Education of the Basque Government and Ikerbasque and it does not represent so much an award, but rather it is about making visible the women researchers of Euskadi and their work, so that they can serve as an example and inspiration to new generations of researchers.

Annual recognitions

The initiative is framed within the Ikerbasque Strategic Plan, which establishes that one of its 12 challenges is the advancement of gender equality in the incorporation of people into the Ikerbasque research community. In this sense, the Equality Plan prepared by the Basque Foundation for Science includes this action aimed at granting, annually, recognition to female researchers.

In previous editions, Ikerbasque and the Department of Education have recognized the following researchers:

  • Advanced:
    • Maria Isabel Arriortua
    • Helena Matute
    • Miren Cajaraville
    • Jasone Cenoz
  • Consolidator:
    • Aitziber López-Cortajarena
    • Clara Martín
    • Malu Martínez-Chantar
    • Amanda Sierra
  • Starting:
    • Maia García Vergniory
    • Matxus Perugorria
    • Paola Ferrario
    • Marta Olazabal