Portrait of Aitor Hierro - Ikerbasque Research Professor

Aitor Hierro gets a Leonardo grant to develop a project on Alzheimer


Aitor Hierro, Ikerbasque Research Professor at CIC bioGUNE, has been awarded a prestigious Leonardo grant on biomedicine (funded by BBVA Foundation) to develop a project wth the aim of characterizing a possible therapeutic target still unexplored against alzheimer's disease.

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Palm Oil plantation in Indonesia

Sustainability whack-a-mole


In the world of arcades, the whack-a-mole is a classic. The game, in which players use a mallet to hit randomly appearing toy moles back into their holes, is an innocent reminder that fixing a problem in one place may only cause others to pop up elsewhere. But within sustainability, such problem...

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Jesús Jiménez Barbero

Jesús Jiménez Barbero, elected as new member of the Euroepan Academy of Sciences


CIC bioGUNE Scientific Director and Ikerbasque Research Professor Jesús Jiménez-Barbero has been elected as a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences.

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Flexible CNT networks can provide a scaffold that promotes neuronal growth

Nanomaterials for stimulating nerve growth


An article published in Science by Maurizio Prato, Ikerbasque Research Professor at CIC biomaGUNE, along with Silvia Marchesan (U. Trieste) and Laura Ballerini (SISSA) analyses how flexible nanomaterials may recruit neurons or create artificial...

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Rainer Hillenbrand

A collaborative work published in Science shows how electrons surf the waves of light on graphene


Researchers from ICFO, IIT, Columbia University and CIC nanoGUNE, including Ikerbasque Research Professor Rainer Hillenbrand, have studied how light can be used to “see” the quantum nature of an...

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