Unai Pascual has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research


A project lead by Unai Pascual at BC3 has received a PEGASuS Grant for biodiversity research. “Nurturing a Shift towards Equitable Valuation of Nature in the Anthropocene (EQUIVAL),” will be one of the five research projects supported by this programme focused on critical...

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Inma Estévez published a new article in Scientific Reports


Inma Estevez, Ikerbasque Research Professor at Neiker-Tecnalia, has recently published a new article in Scientific Reports about the effects of stress in poultry, specifically Stress Induced Polarization of Immune-Neuroendocrine Phenotypes. Inma Estévez is a doctor in Zoology and expert in...

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Global patterns in mangrove soil carbon stocks and losses


Mangrove soils represent a large sink for otherwise rapidly recycled carbon (C). However, widespread deforestation threatens the preservation of this important C stock. It is therefore imperative that global patterns in mangrove soil C stocks and their susceptibility to remineralization are...

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Hallazgo de arte parietal en la cueva de Arbil V (Deba, Gipuzkoa)

New discovery of parietal art in the Arbil V cave of Deba


The project led by Maria José Iriarte-Chiapusso, Ikerbasque researcher at UPV/EHU, has made a new discovery of Upper-Paleolithic parietal art in Gipuzkoa.

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Selected Research Fellows 2017


The list of selected candidates in our Research Fellow 2017 call is now available. 

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