New synthetic conjugates to inhibit cystogenesis in polycystic liver disease


Txus Bañales, Ikerbasque researcher at Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia along with Fernando Cossio, Scienfic Director of Ikerbasque, have published a paper showing the therapeutic capacity of novel UDCA-derived HDC6 inhibitors for the treatment of experimental...

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2020 ERC review in Euskadi


In 2007, the European Commission created the European Research Council (ERC) with the aim of promoting excellent basic science in Europe, supporting the best researchers from all fields and of any nationality who carry on research at the frontiers of knowledge. The ERC...

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The molecular mechanism of a key enzyme in gut microbiota deciphered


Researchers at CIC bioGUNE led by the Ikerbasque researcher Marcelo Guerin have deciphered the molecular mechanism of high-mannose-type recognition and specificity for EndoBT-3987, a key enzyme of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, one of the most common bacteria found in...

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Infoday: Social and Political impact of Science


On February 13, an Infoday on the Social and Political Impact of Science was organized by the Basque Government and Ikerbasque.

The day included a presentation by José Ramón Flecha on the evaluation and monitoring of the...

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Listening without sounds and through lip reading


What happens in our brain when we see someone talking but we don't listen to her/him? What causes lip reading in our brain activity? Scientific studies of the late 90s state that reading lips silently activates auditory cortices. However, scientists did not know until now what...

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