The first demonstration that the brain claustrum activity that has been attributed to “consciousness” is involved in mental processes


Ikerbasque Professor Dr. Mazahir T. Hasan at the Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience and his team and Professor Dr. José M. Delgado García and researchers at the Pablo de Olavide University from Seville have...

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An animal model to study post-traumatic stress disorder has been developed


The experience of traumatic situations affects the physical and/or psychological well-being of the person who suffers them throughout their life. In fact, on numerous occasions they can develop "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD). In these cases, the feeling of fear is...

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ADN dañado

The structure of a protective enzyme of DNA and key to the development of therapies against chemoresistant tumors has been discovered


All organisms depend for survival on the ability to copy their genetic information and pass it on from one generation to the next. However, cellular DNA is constantly damaged by the action of natural factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, and those produced by man such as...

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Reconocimiento 2020 a mujeres investigadoras

Ikerbasque recognizes and makes visible the work of women researchers


The Minister of Education and President of Ikerbasque Cristina Uriarte presided over the delivery of the awards to three women who carry out their research work in the Basque Country: Helena Matute, Clara Martin and Matxus Perugorria. The event was attended by Fernando Cossío, Scientific...

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Advances ir our knowledge of topological materials


Maia Garcia Vergniory and Fernando de Juan, both Ikerbasque researchers at DIPC, participate in an international collaboration published this week in Science.
In topological metals, electrons behave fundamentally different from “conventional” materials.

Those metals show various “...

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