New review of metal oxygen batteries with graphene-based cathodes


The depletion of fossil fuels, the rapid evolution of the global economy and the high standard of living make it necessary to investigate new energy storage systems to meet the needs of the world population.

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Mathematical models to predict the impact of COVID 19 and its evolution


Ikerbaque researchers from BCAM and UPV/EHU collaborate together with the Department of Health of the Basque Government and Osakidetza in modeling the dynamics of the COVID-19 disease. Artificial intelligence company Sherpa contributes with models in this project.

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An alternative RT-PCR test for COVID-19 detection validated


A network of scientists from various UPV/EHU departments, Ikerbasque, Achucarro and the Biofisika Bizkaia Foundation, together with research personnel from the BioCruces and Bioaraba Institutes, have managed to fine-tune an RT-PCR test designed to detect COVID-19, which could...

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Large European project to investigate the synthesis of luminescent carbon nanoparticles


The European Research Council has awarded one of the prestigious Advanced Grants to Maurizio Prato, Ikerbasque researcher and leader of the CIC biomaGUNE Carbon Bionanotechnology group, to develop a project that pursues the synthesis of luminescent carbon nanoparticles, with useful properties...

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A novel experimental model for the study of metastatic prostate cancer


A CIC bioGUNE team led by Arkaitz Carracedo, PhD in Biology, Ikerbasque research professor, associate professor at the University of the Basque Country and researcher from the Spanish Cancer Research Network (CIBERONC), has shown that a specific combination of genetic...

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