New opportunities for the design of more efficient solar cells


Singlet fission - the generation of two excited states from one of greater energy - has become a promising strategy to prevent the loss of energy in solar cells.

Singlet fission is a process that has been observed with efficiencies close to 200% in...

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Life after death (of neurons)


An international study led by Ikerbasque researchers of Achucarro and the UPV/EHU demonstrates that the microglia acts as a sensor of death of newborn cells, contributing to the balance between life and death.

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The first intrinsic magnetic topological insulator discovered


Materials called topological insulators are those that do not let the electric current in its volume, but on its surface. Unlike the usual conductors, that is, metals, the current circulating on the surface of a topological insulator does not suffer any loss of energy.

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Te Lehendakari receives the Ikerbasque researchers incorporated in 2019


The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has presided the recognition to a group of scientists from all fields of knowledge who will develop their work in the universities and research centers of Euskadi: 41 are new incorporations through the Ikerbasque program Research Professor and Researh Fellows; the...

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Science in the Basque Country 2019 Report


The Minister of Education Cristina Uriarte, presented this morning with the Deputy Minister of Universities and Research, Adolfo Morais, and the Scientific Director of IKERBASQUE, Fernando Cossío, the results of the Report on Science in Euskadi 2019. The report includes the main...

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