The Department of Education and Ikerbasque recognize and make visible the work of women researchers


This recognition granted annually by the Department of Education of the Basque Government and Ikerbasque does not represent so much an award, but rather it is about making women researchers and their work visible, so that they serve as an example and inspiration to new generations of researchers...

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Ikerbasque Infoday: MSCA - Postdoctoral fellowships 2021


El pasado 1 de junio se llevó a cabo una jornada informativa por videoconferencia sobre el programa de financiación "MSCA - Postdoctoral Fellowships” organizada por el Gobierno Vasco, UPV/EHU e Ikerbasque.

Este programa tiene como objetivo apoyar el...

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New miniature organ to understand human pancreas development


The pancreas is a little organ behind the stomach and has two main functions: digestion and blood sugar regulation. How the human pancreas develops has been relatively unexplored for ethical and practical reasons.

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The Basque Government will invest an additional 100 million euros in 10 years to promote strategic areas of research


The Minister of Education Jokin Bildarratz, together with the Deputy Minister of Universities and Research Adolfo Morais, presented the Ikur 2030 Strategy launched by the Department of Education in the field of excellence research. Ikur 2030 was created with the aim of strengthening the...

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Global environmental challenges in post-covid society


Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, organized...

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