New discovery about the electronic composition of Bismuth (Bi)


Topological insulators are materials that insulate on the inside but conduct electrical current on their surface. The current flow without resistance and respond in unconventional ways to electric and magnetic fields. These unique properties are studied with real interest towards future...

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The molecular mechanism of the fusion of HIV to the host cell is discovered


Sergi Padilla, Ikerbasque researcher at Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biocruces Bizkaia has published an article in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology in which the molecular mechanism of the fusion of the HIV and the host cell surface is described.

This process is...

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Selected Research Fellows 2018


The list of selected candidates in our Research Fellow 2018...

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New discoveries about the Neanderthals' diet


Domingo C. Salazar, Ikerbasque Researcher at UPV/EHU, with Robert C. Power from the Max-Plank Institute of Evolutive Anthropology, have analyzed the dental calculus of Neanderthales to study their diet.

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ERC infoday


Last May 28th, the Basque Government, UPV/EHU and Ikerbasque organized a conference on the European Research Council (ERC) excellence research funding program for 2019, including interviews with the National Contact Point (NCP)....

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