The Lehendakari receives the ikerbasque researchers who have joined in 2020


The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has presided over the delivery this afternoon of the recognition to a group of researchers from all fields of knowledge who will carry out their work in the universities and research centers of the Basque Country in the coming years through Ikerbasque. The event...

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New terahertz detector device based on a metallic single-walled carbon nanotube quantum dot


Generating and detecting radiation in the technologically relevant range of the so-called terahertz gap (0.1–10 THz) is challenging because of a lack of efficient sources and detectors.

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Fernando Cossío, Scientific Director of Ikerbasque, Euskadi Research Award 2020


The Euskadi Research 2020 award has gone to Professor Fernando Cossío, Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry I of the UPV/EHU (2002), and Scientific Director of Ikerbasque. The court of the twenty-fifth edition of the Prize, made up of four members of recognized...

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Developed a pioneering new technology that has been adopted by the UN to calculate the contribution of nature to our well-being


A project led by Ferdinando Villa, Ikerbasque researcher and head of the ARIES research and innovation platform of the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3) has developed a pioneering technology to quickly account for...

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New genetic study sheds light on the causes of hemorrhoids


The research led by Mauro D’Amato, Ikerbasque Researcher at CIC bioGUNE has discovered 102 regions in the human genome that contain genes that contribute to an increased risk of hemorrhoidal disease, by studying the DNA of almost one million people. This discovery has been published in Gut, the...

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